• Carrie Curran

Puddle of Tears

Updated: Jan 8

Psalms 147:3

When God leads you in the way of healing, sometimes it happens at a time when you don’t want it to or you don’t expect it to. You may not even realize that you need it or that deep pain is even there. But suddenly, a floodgate opens and you’re in a puddle of tears, sitting at your desk wondering why He chose this moment to bring on His tender mercies and work at mending and healing your heart.

God opens the floodgate because he sees that his child has been hurting long enough and longs for us to be free and healed. It happens when he knows we are ready for it, even if we ourselves don’t feel ready. It happens when he knows it is time for us to move on to greater things and to stop holding on to past pain.

People, places or situations can hurt, abuse, neglect, reject, mislead, not lead at all, stab us in the back, manipulate and the list goes on and on with what could have happened in any hurtful situation.

I was reminded as I sat in an unexpected puddle of tears that Jesus went through all of it. He knows ALL pain and agony, from every side and every angle. He understands what we have been through and even what we might be going through. He loves us so much and longs so fervently for us to be free from all pain and hurt. This may be elementary, however, sometimes we just need to be reminded that he knows how we feel and he gets it.

Are there any areas in your heart that you have hidden past or present pain from even yourself? Have you shoved it so far down that you have simply “forgotten” about it? But yet you know its still there. Waiting in the dark to jump out and hit your emotions and mind at any moment? Take some time and hand those over to the Holy Spirit. Ask him to come into those places and heal your heart.

John 8:32 Romans 8:18-28

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