• Carrie Curran

Asking What?

This morning as I lay in bed awake, I closed my eyes and went to heaven. I sat on a cliff with Jesus and took my hand and wiped away everything in front of me and said, "What?" Immediately Jesus was hanging onto my hands dangling me over the edge of the cliff. He was swinging me back and forth. It seemed as though He was swinging me like a pendulum of a clock. He then placed my hands on the edge of the cliff and started to paint my eyes bright emerald green with a little paint brush. He wasn't just painting my eyelids, but my entire eye. He then grabbed a silver pitcher and pored water over my eyes all while I'm still hanging on the edge of the cliff. He pulled me up and wiped my face dry. My eyes were now bright green.

He then tells me to look through eyes of healing, not of time. I had to think about that for a little while to understand what He was saying. He then said, "So often people look at people's circumstances and where they are at at this specific moment in time. "Discerning" that the person may need healing in one way or another. But not realizing that through My Eyes they are already healed and living a fulfilled life in Me. Carrie, stop looking at how you see people and start seeing them through the eyes of healing, not time. Because when you do that, you will see them how I see them and start speaking into who they are."

He then took me to a interrogation room and we were hovering in the upper corner of the room. There was a man sitting at the table who looked beat up, run down and angry. He was not a happy person! He saw us and started to come after me with a knife. He had just murdered someone and was waiting to be questioned. But Jesus protected me and the man went and sat back down. Then Jesus said, "Now look through the eyes of healing. Who is he?"  As I looked from a different perspective I saw a man who was fully healed and who was a Passionate Christian Rapper who spoke the real truth of Jesus in Love. He didn't make the truth comfortable so people would feel like good Christians. He spoke truth not beating around any bush, but beating to the truth.

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