• Carrie Curran

A Chance to Thrive

“JESUS! All I want is You! All I want is for you to thrive through me. All I want is for who I am to live. I no longer want to hide behind the expectations of the world but I want to live through You. I am so much more then I can even comprehend but You already know that. I want to live as though you created me to be, not what fear has moulded me to portray. I know who You have created me to be, but how Lord, how do I be that person? How do I be the best version of me?”

The Lord has had me in this place for almost a year now. I wrote this in January of this year. This year, wow. It has been a year of growth in numerous ways. In individual ways but also in ways between Matthew and myself. He has shown us so many things. Love being such a key in how we are called to live as individuals, but also as a couple. God has been showing me in so many ways how much He loves me! And how when we wait on Him, for His timing, the things that will come our way will be more then we could have asked or imagined ourselves. He showed this to me at Christmas this year and I broke down crying because of how He expressed His love for me through others.

For the past few years I have had computer issues. It was such a frustration to me because I love writing and I was unable to due to the computers that I had. They would either freeze or turn themselves off within a couple of minutes of being turned on. I was unable to write. I would talk to my husband about it and told him that when we can, I would like a computer that functions. I don't even need a brand new one, just one that works. I would tell the Lord that I am waiting and that I know when the time comes that it will happen. And I waited and waited.

Within the past few weeks I have been getting these strong desires to write again. Now writing for me is a way I connect with the Lord. It's as if He speaks through my fingers. It may sound funny, but He speaks in many, many ways. Well, Christmas came and I wasn't expecting a computer in anyway. But my incredible husband surprised me beyond my wildest dreams! He opened up our office door and not only was there a computer wrapped up on our desk, but a TV to use as a monitor. He had taken the time to rebuild a MacBook so it was the best that I could possibly have! Through that gift the Lord allowed me to not only feel loved but also realize that when we are patient and we give our requests to God, He will answer then when the time is right and it will be perfect. If we rush it, it won't be everything that He has in mind for us.

I started out this post writing about Thriving. Well, I believe that this year is a time thrive. Not just in writing, now that I have a computer that is reliable. But a time to thrive in life and in everything that God has put in my heart. He wants me to flourish and I have been waiting, patiently to be able to fly and to thrive. Well, now is the time to really spread my wings and fly into what He has for me. To live a life of Love and Light towards Him and others and to be what He originated me for.

As I am seeing His love for me in unexpected places, He is teaching me that I am loved by Him and that is all that matters. When I come to truly realize how much He loves me and how I truly am His daughter, nothing will be able to stop me from what He has called me to do. The realization of Love is an unstoppable force that releases Gods love into the world. He created us for radical love and it is when we realize how radically He loves us that we will walk in the radical love He has called us to. "They will know we are Christians by our LOVE."

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